Daughter's Friend

Recently, on New Year's Eve, my wife and I were at a party with many others. My daughter was there and had brought her twenty-one-year-old blond friend with her. She was quite a looker with a great body. There was a little flirting going on through the night and she gave me some sexy looks. I loved it. During the night, she danced close and I ran my hand over her, to which she smiled. We had rented a room in the hotel and I popped back during the evening while the party was still happening downstairs. My daughters friend was laying down on the bed in the room and was startled when I entered. I said, "It's fine, don't worry." She said she was going back downstairs, and I helped her off the bed holding her hands. We sort of looked at each other and started kissing. Our hands were all over each other; literally everywhere! I told her she was so sexy and she said I was too. Forty-eight years old and I still got it! I said, "One day!" and she said, "Yes, please!" We didn't have sex, but not far off. The story, I'm sure, will continue.

— Liam, 48

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