Wife with Another Man

My wife Beth and I had been married for two years. She had just turned twenty-two and our sex was unbelievable. She stands 5'5", has a tight firm body from running and cycling, firm 35D breasts and a butt to drool over. We had talked during sex about her having other men and that had turned us both on to the point that, not only did we have sex like animals, but the idea got her so hot, we started having sex anywhere. In the laundry room, on the stairs in our building, in the parking garage. Like I hinted, Beth is hot. One night, a friend of mine came over. Dan is a great friend, and he always looked at Beth like he would have sex with her if he got the okay from me. Well, that Friday night, we sat around listening to music. We went into the bedroom, and had sex. The next morning, I woke to Dan and Beth having sex again. Dan would come over to have fun with Beth many times, sometimes both he and I, and sometimes I let Dan take the guest room and have Beth stay with him for the night. A couple of times, Dan would bring a friend over and we would go all night.

— Jack, 46

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