Designer Pantyhose

I recently went to a department store to buy some pantyhose for myself. A rather attractive sales lady approached me to offer some help. When I told her I wanted some pantyhose, she then asked if they were for me. I said they were, and she then told me about some that were specifically designed for men. She also mentioned that men are wearing pantyhose a lot more, so some manufacturers had started marketing them for guys. She showed me a pair that had an opening in the front panel just above the gusset for your stuff to fit through. I bought several pair and told her I enjoy wearing pantyhose when I am pleasuring myself. She smiled and asked me to keep her posted as to how I like these. I told her I would and that, as soon as I get home, I will slip on the nylons along with some high heels. She gave me a big hug.

— Jordan, 31

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