Pipe Work

Recently, when working at a house doing a little repair on a drain under the sink, I had the upper half of my body under the cabinet when I heard the garage door open and then the door open up. I started to explain what the problem was when the owner, who was a very proper though lovely lady, bent down to see the pipe I was referring to. Her blouse fell a little open, and she realized that I saw and was appreciating her cleavage. She bent down all of the way and started to touch me in the crotch. As soon as I was ready, she unzipped my fly and proceeded to play with me until I burst. I was stuck up under the sink and could not have done anything even if I had wanted to. But I can assure you that the rest of the repair went extremely well. As she got up to leave, she told me that she had to run back to work but that she wanted me to other jobs in the bathroom since her husband was not handy with tools! I can't wait to give her another estimate.

— Hank, 30

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