Bedroom Window

There is a thirty-year-old woman who has been married for four years. Her bedroom window is opposite mine and other neighborhood homes. This woman is beautiful and has a well-built body. This woman also has a strange habit. After having a morning bath, she comes into her room in only a petticoat and blouse with a dangerously low waist; her ample tummy and navel are exposed. For more than a half hour, she stands in her window looking and admiring her tummy and navel. Many times, she removes her saree. She does this repeatedly. Even more strange, at one point, she was standing with her husband nearby. She pushed down her saree, which was very low on her waist now. I don't know what she wants from me with this action in the presence of her husband. When she exposes herself at her bedroom window, she is in view of all the neighbors. It looks like she is a tease. But, the scenario of her standing in our residential street with her husband in front of me, I cannot forget. I want her in my bed, but she is opened to all to all.

— Naveen, 36

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