Wearing Lingerie

I've been wearing women's underwear for thirty years; always behind closed doors when no one is in the house. It started with my mother's slips worn with black stockings I bought. Now, I'm married and I've been wearing her silky slips with stockings/tights and her bras stuffed with socks. I started to wear it under my normal clothes, and then drive somewhere lonely and take off my male clothes to reveal the lingerie. I would then walk around and video myself in the silky underwear. I bought a silky/lacy full slip, black stockings, suspender belt, silky white panties, and very high heel shoes. I hid them all in my drawer. I would then walk along the railway line in my lingerie and wait for passing trains. I also walked near the motorway in full view of passing motorists. Some truck drivers honked their horns when they saw me walking along in full sexy lingerie and high heels. I got excited at being seen, but dreaded the idea of being recognized. I want to stop this habit as I am a Christian!

— Harry, 51

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