Special Delivery

Just a quick critique of thigh high stockings. All I can say is, "WOW! Are these things ever fantastic!" I bought several pair about a month ago at a local department store. The saleslady who waited on me said they were the best on the market; not cheap, but extremely good. She also helped me with some high heels. They did not have my size in stock, but she said she'd order me some. That's when things got interesting because she then said she would deliver them to my house when they came in. When the heels arrived, she did, in fact, bring them to my house. I was wearing a short lounge skirt with the thigh highs. I slipped on the shoes and they fit like a glove. I walked around for a while and the woman got extremely excited as she was watching me. I wasn't wearing any underwear so I lifted the skirt and let her see all of me. We then proceeded to my bedroom for several hours. I am totally appreciative of the fact that she brought the high heels to my house. I thanked her for the "Special Delivery" and told her we should do this more often. Surprise, surprise. She came back the following week for another afternoon of fun.

— Logan, 29

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