Prison Break

We had a friend who was in prison and my wife and I visit him once a week. He was depressed as he was made a scapegoat for the crime he did not commit involving money. My wife knew him from schooling days and she was worried about him, so we arranged with the guards to let us take him out in the evening and return him before sunlight. The following Saturday, we waited outside twenty meters from the main gate as it got dark; he came out, got into our car, and we drove home. He wanted a hot bath immediately, so we prepared dinner and poured ourselves a drink. It was a good dinner, since he is deprived of everything. The whiskey was flowing and we were listening to his difficulties and the loneliness he was undergoing. No sex, no good food, and he was crying; so, we hugged and comforted him. We were getting high with the whisky and the topic changed to sex. We asked him if anyone had tried anything with him. He laughed and shared that all the men do, but he had no mood for it, so he just kept to himself. To get him to enjoy the evening, we put on some music and danced. I told my wife to join him. They held each other tight and danced like nobody's business. I could see my wife was pressing against him as he was squeezing her back. I got up and joined them, sandwiching my wife between us. I started to get hot, as did the two of them. We began having a threesome. After a while, he lay next to her and she was in between the both of us. We hugged and rested for a while. My wife was pleasured beyond her wildest dreams and it was an awesome experience for me. We kept going till it was time for him to return back. While he was taking a bath, I was gently loving her more than ever. He was a changed man and we looked forward to every weekend for his short fun-filled freedom.

— Mike, 38

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