Bra Removal 101

Removing a brassiere can present some rather serious problems. One that comes to mind right away is the fact that you, the guy, could get too excited before the bra comes off. Remember, she wants the thing taken off just as much as you do. Don't fumble the ball, just reach around back and very gently unclip the two halves of the clasp mechanism. It is not that difficult. You may be trying too hard, thus causing frustration. If she has to unhook the bra the entire episode is a disaster. I have actually lost my motivation due to my inability to get the brassiere off. Sometimes, you may need to practice first. Ask your mom if you can remove her bra. I did and she let me practice on her; many, many times, in fact. She would sometimes come to me and ask me if I wanted to practice removing her bra. Good luck.

— Graham, 25

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