Swinger's Club

This is not confession, as such, and is from both of us. It really all started when I was transferred and we became friends with our neighbors. As time went on, we drank together, and then we started dancing and switching partners. Then, with the lights out, we did some kissing and playing with each other's wives. Nothing serious, though. We started to soft swap; having sex with our own wives, but all in same bed. Somebody then suggested we go to a swinger's club. Nothing came of it and maybe a month later, the swinger's club came up again. We decided the next weekend to go again. We were treated very nice and there were lots of attractive couples. We went to the bar, had a few drinks, danced, and decided we were out of place. We found separate dressing rooms; we left our clothes in lockers and got together to drink some more and dance in the nude. I was so excited, I could hardly stand it. I asked my wife to go in and have sex, which we did. We then went back and danced with each other's wives again. After about two weeks, our wives said, "Let's go back." We said, "Why? We can do same thing here." They told us they had a surprise for us, so we went back to the club. We changed clothes and were drinking when his wife suggested to me to have sex. I was startled until my wife took his hand and went in. They found an open space started to go at it. I thought, "What the hell," took his wife's hand, and found a spot for us. This has really helped our marriage and we do enjoy the sex.

— Craig, 39

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