How I Buy Stockings

I wear thigh high stockings and pantyhose a lot. I enjoy wearing them, but the thing I really enjoy more is buying them. I'll go to a women's wear shop or department store and look for a middle age, attractive saleslady and ask for some help. When she asks for size and style, I'll then tell her the nylons are actually for me. I tell he I am a transvestite and I really like to wear stockings and high heels. This revelation will often result in some smiles and further questioning. I then mention that I also enjoy wearing nylons when I am pleasuring myself. I will tell her my enjoyment is increased by quite a lot when I wear heels and nylons as I am pleasuring myself. She will generally just stand there with this clueless expression on her face. And that is how I buy stockings, my friend.

— Robert, 24

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