My Best Friend's Wife

Shirley, her husband, and I met through our kids who went to the same school. Both families became good friends and developed a good social life. For the first couple of months, I never noticed Shirley was interested in me. I was attracted to her, but I never wanted to entertain the idea. I noticed she was always trying to get my attention and became curious about it. One night, she was drunk at our house and her husband was gone at to the mountains for work. She wanted to go back to her house to get the kids pajamas, and my wife suggested for me to take her. She was drunk and couldn't drive. I agreed and took her. On the way home, she started complaining about her husband not paying attention to her, and that he always wanted to satisfy himself during intercourse. She finally decided to ask me out. I was shocked and didn't want to do anything that night. A few weeks later, she called me at work to have lunch with her. That's when I realized she really wanted more than friendship. I decided to start going out with her, and we started having sex. She confessed to me that throughout her marriage of twelve years, she had never experienced an orgasm while being penetrated. It really showed! She didn't only have one, but two or three of them, one after the other when we had sex. It was very enjoyable. We both really liked having each other and tried different things we'd never done with our partners. The attachment grew bigger and bigger, both emotionally and physically. It got to the point where she would come look for me at work when we had problems, or I would go to her house at night while her husband was gone. Nothing really mattered at that point. At this time, we have decided to break up because one of our friends found out about it and, obviously, we don't my wife or her husband to find out what we have been doing for almost a year. I really miss her very much, although we still see each other at our social gathers.

— Tony, 37

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