Wearing Knickers

When I was younger and living with my mum and three older sisters, I got home from college and saw some clean washing on the table. On top were a pair of white blue dotted knickers. I thought, "I must try them on," so I stripped off put them on. I was in heaven, but then my mum and my sisters walked through the door and caught me red handed. My mum went mad as they were her knickers, and she slapped me, but then my older sister jumped in and said to my mum, "Are you really surprised? He has grown up with three sisters." My mum asked, "How long has this being going on for?" I said, "About five years. I love knickers and hate boy's underwear." I am only a small guy at 5 foot 4, whereas all my sisters are over 6 foot tall. My oldest sister is a bouncer at night club, so I have always been a bit of a sissy. The next day, my sister woke me up and said we are going out shopping. I got ready and we all went out to the store. My mum and sisters took me over to the girl's underwear section and got me a load of new underwear; about eight packs of high leg briefs, two packs of thongs, tights, and a few nighties. We also got some dresses. I had the best day if my life. My message is clear; if you wear girl's underwear, don't hide it!

— Chris, 36

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