Secret Relationship

Growing up, I always enjoyed when my step-brother would spend the weekend at our house. I was a normal, straight, young, teenage boy, but would always try to find sneaky ways to see him naked. I couldn't help it, I just loved when I was able to see his package. I would walk in on him if I knew he was changing, and would spy on him in the shower. We eventually started talking about and sharing porn. One day, we were looking at porn together, and I knew we were both turned on. We usually went our separate ways to take care of things, but this time I wanted a piece of the action. I asked him what he does when he leaves my room, and if he pleasures himself. He said yes, and I asked him to show me how he does it. He seemed hesitant, so I said that I would show him how I do it. He seemed to relax a little, so I began my demonstration. He followed my lead, showing me his. I suggested that he should try something different and showed him. I ended up pleasuring him. We didn't talk about it the rest of the weekend and finally he left. Lucky for me, he was back every other weekend, and each time I would try to get a repeat performance. Through the years, the game "Truth or Dare" worked the best. I would ask the question, and he would always want dares. All through those years, I was his secret sex buddy. We both had girlfriends, but I would always end up at home with him. It was our little secret. We are both married adults now and haven't talked about it in years. I think he may have recently told his wife. Last time I saw them, they both started telling me about their sex life, mentioning that they've had a threesome. Our conversation got cut short, but I may have to swing by their place later and see where things go.

— Jared, 43

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