Girls' Arms

Ever since I was young, I have always had this weird fetish for girls' upper arms. I love the extra softness of a girl's arm, especially the area near the shoulder, and that sexy little bulge at the top when they press them against themselves. I love the way a girl's arm jiggles ever so slightly when she moves them around. I don't like skinny, flabby, muscular, or hairy arms at all though, they're a complete turn off. Most guys' eyes move straight to a woman's breasts, but every time I see a girl wearing a sleeveless top, all I ever fantasize about are her arms. Color doesn't matter, as long as she has pure, soft skin. Someday I'm going to marry a girl with the above, and she must know there will be a lot of cuddling and arm-smooching involved!

— Jonathan, 19

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