Halloween Bonus

My wife and I attended a Halloween party where we had to dress as the opposite sex. I went as Super Girl, with a very short skirt and very high heeled boots. I thought I looked cute and received many compliments about my shapely legs. The real surprise was my wife's reaction. When she first saw me, her eyes got big and she smiled an evil kind of smile. She even groped me a little before the party. But when we got home, she was all over me! She was wilder and more excited than I can remember. We made love many times before falling asleep. When I woke, she asked if I would shave my legs for her and model the costume again. I quickly agreed and went to shower. When I went to put on the costume, it was soiled from the night before. My wife smiled and handed me some panties, stockings and some six-inch high heels! I became excited slipping them on, but when she gave me the little black dress to wear, I became fully ready! She noticed this and started to hug and kiss me with almost violent passion. This really set her off and we had a day of sex that rivaled the night before. She has already picked out my nightie for tonight! I don't think we will be getting much sleep.

— Gary, 32

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