Frat Party Halloween

I wasn't in a fraternity in college, but my friends and I still partied. During Halloween one year, there was a girl costume called a "Wet T-shirt Contest Winner." It came with a sheer white top, a first-place ribbon, and big, soft, fake, boobs that even had realistic looking nipples. Just to be funny, I decided to get it. As Halloween came closer, we all talked about what we were going to be, and the girls loved the idea of me dressing up as one of them. They helped me pick out a wig, stockings, heels, a short skirt, and even a G-string. They even got giddy about putting makeup on me. When the night came, the girls spent about an hour putting me together. I'm not a hairy guy, and already do some serious trimming and man-scaping, and for this night I took the shaving a little further. When I was completely dressed and made up, I couldn't believe it when I looked in the mirror. I actually looked like a real slut. I had the hair, the lipstick, the stockings, and the short skirt that showed off my ass when I bent over or the wind blew. It was actually turning me on to think of myself as a hot girl. Everyone made a big deal about it, and thought it was funny. Our group had a few other funny costumes that year, and we all decided to go to the big Halloween frat party. It's basically in a big field with a warehouse building in the middle. Everyone parks around the outside of the building, pays $5, and drinks keg beer all night while admiring everyone else's costumes. It got interesting right away. They guy collecting money as we walked in let me in for free because he thought I was a girl. As we made our way to the keg, the line was super long. Using my new sexiness, I walked right up to the front of the line and held out my cup. The guys pouring beer took one look at me, stopped what they were doing, and filled up my cup. I got several looks up and down, and a few comments from the guys on how hot I was. I couldn't believe it, and on top of all this, it was still the beginning of the night with everyone sober. As the night went on, I was feeling great. I was buzzed from drinking, and had guys hitting on me left and right. I was also playing into my character more and more, flirting with guys, flashing my tits, and showing off my ass. My group of friends had been hanging out by our cars the whole night, and with all this new attention I found myself far away from my group, and surrounded by other guys and girls I didn't know, but was still having a good time. The night went on and most people started to couple up. There was a muscular guy there that I had been teasing and flirting with for a while, and somehow we ended up alone leaning against one of the cars. He got close and started touching my waist. I've got to admit I felt butterflies, and wanted him to keep going. I had always thought of myself as straight, but tonight I wanted to be his girl. He told me how soft and smooth I felt, and then he kissed me. Being drunk, and totally into the thought of being a slut, I made out with him. I could feel him getting excited, and instinctively I started playing with him through his pants. I don't know what had gotten into me, but I wanted to give him pleasure right there. I slowly started in on him. I looked around to make sure no one could see. It was pretty dark, and we were far enough away from everyone else, so I went back to work. I thought to myself that I really am living out my costume for the night. I loved every second. When we were done, I was a mess. This got me a little scared, because I thought I was going to be able to walk right back to the crowd, hanging out and drinking more, but that wasn't going to be an option. I managed to clean myself up, and was able to leave pretty quickly. Thankfully, no one ever knew or noticed my messy outfit. I'll never forget that night, and given the chance, I'd do it again. And to be really be honest, I wish he would have gone further.

— Dean, 32

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