Mom's Brassiere

My mom has extremely large breasts. I am not quite sure of how large they are, but trust me, they are enormous. Her brassieres are custom made and each one costs close to one hundred and fifty dollars. The average woman can buy ten brassieres for what my mom pays for one. Anyhow, I took one of her bras to bed with me the other night and I was playing with it as I was pleasuring myself. The cups are absolutely huge. I was satisfied, so I went to bed. Little did I know that I had left a rather large stain in the bra cup. I tried to clean it out, but it didn't do a thing. I then put the bra in the laundry. I was hoping my mom would wash out the stain. Lucky me, she detected the stain but had no idea where it came from. I think from now on if I am pleasuring myself with her bra, I will use a paper towel.

— Cole, 19

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