Chatroom Exploration

My wife and I have been married over fifteen years and are very sexually active. My wife asked me if she could go on to a lesbian chatroom to experiment a little bit. I told her to go ahead. Last week, I found photos of this young lady masturbating that had been sent to my wife. I looked a little harder and found the pictures my wife had sent to her. Some were of her by herself, and some were of her engaged in oral sex with me. I was really turned on by all of this. I asked my wife about them. She told me the lady was coming over that day and I was welcome to stay, watch, or join in. The young lady arrived a couple of hours later, and her pictures never did her justice. She was hot. My wife told me to let her in while she was finishing getting dressed. The lady came in and sat down, giving me a full view up her skirt. My wife came to the room wearing a mini-skirt cut so short you could see every thing that she had. It didn't take long for them to embrace and start rubbing each other. My wife went down on her. It seemed like an hour. But before I knew it, they were both undressed and performing oral sex on me. Then I had sex with both of them. After we were done, this girl returned the favor on my wife, and then we did it again.

— Jeremy, 39

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