Invited to a Panty Party

My wife and her friend were having a party while I was supposed to be out of town for work. I returned home a day early and found the girls very drunk and in nothing but their panties! I told my wife I would just go upstairs to bed, but the others girls said I had to wear panties if I was going to stay. Before I could do anything, they grabbed me and stripped me naked. My wife got me a pair of her panties and made me put them on. It was very erotic standing there in panties in front of beautiful girls. So much so, I became excited, much to their delight! One girl said I looked so cute that they should make me a girl. The next thing I know, the girls are slipping pantyhose on my legs, a bra around my chest, a very short, tight dress, and six inch heels on me. Finally, they did my makeup and added a wig. I was one drunk girl. My wife took pictures of me as the girls played with me. I was still in the dress when I woke up the next morning.

— Dan, 33

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