Finally Bought My Own

I have been wearing women's clothes, especially panties and stockings, since I was a teenager. I am married and one day, I decided to surprise my wife by wearing her clothes; from panties to stockings and heels to a cute dress. She was not amused nor aroused. She told me to get out of her clothes and never wear them again. I was dejected, but could not resist crossdressing. I only did it when she was away. I bought my own panties, stockings, and high heels. Mine were much sexier than my wife's. I also found out that no one gives a second look to a guy buying women's sexy clothes. I guess more guys do it than I realized. I dress frequently and enjoy it, especially since the sexy clothes are mine and not hers. Too bad she is missing out on a sexy guy in a dress.

— Mark, 32

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