My 48-year-old wife has not only been off birth control for a little more than a month, but she is also taking fertility drugs. She has become obsessed with having her boss's baby. Her boss, Mike, is 58 and married and he has been having a sexual affair with my wife for the past ten months. My wife asked me for permission to have the affair and I agreed. I didn't think she would fall in love with him, but she has. She talks about him all the time, shows me pictures of them together, tells me how great he is in bed, how much money he makes, and what a great couple they would make. The only problem I see is his wife. He married a very young and beautiful woman a few years ago and they have two young children. He has told my wife that he would never leave his wife, but she thinks having his baby will change his mind. Mike invited my wife to accompany him on a business trip to NYC next week. She told me that she will come back from that trip carrying Mike's child. I wished her luck.

— Graham, 48

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