Naughty Memory

When I was younger, I was given a grey tracksuit set for my birthday from my auntie. When I tried it on for the first time, it was a really tight fit, particularly the trousers. This made me feel really horny. I felt myself getting excited. One day, when there was no one in the house, I put my tracksuit trousers on, did not put any pants on, and pulled the trousers up really tight so that my package bulged out. It made me feel really sexy because at the same time, they fit very snugly around my bottom as well. I set out around my local neighborhood, getting a real buzz on people giving me strange, sometimes naughty, looks. At one point, I was walking down a street past a bunch of boys who were playing football. I just carried on walking with my bum wiggling nicely in my tight trousers. One of the boys shouted out, "Oi, fat bum!" I felt really self-conscious. I felt myself go bright red. It made me very sexually excited. I walked back home quite quickly. As soon as I got back, I laid down on my belly and pressed up and down on my bed. It was gorgeous but scary at the same time!

— Lenny, 35

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