I Wear Nylon Stockings

I started wearing stockings and pantyhose when I was about eighteen or so. I was always attracted to women who wore them, so I decided to try on a pair myself. When I slipped on my first pair, I was immediately thrust into a totally new dimension of sexual pleasure. I was able to achieve and maintain a heightened state of excitement for so much longer than without the nylons. I pleasure myself a lot, and stockings are always part of my ensemble. Sometimes I will put on a pair of 3" high heels and a short skirt to send me into another zone of enjoyment. My wife and I will have intercourse several times a week with both of us wearing stockings and heels. She likes to see me prance around the house dressed up and that will always lead to a session of sexual fun. You guys need to slip on some nylons and enjoy the excitement. It's real and for every guy out there.

— Jon, 31

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