Empty And Wondering

Well, I'll try and make this short. It goes something like this. I have heard most women say the same line, "I want a man who knows how to respect, love, cherish, and communicate." They are so tired of games and being hurt. So, when women come across a gentleman like myself who will go out of his way to treat said lady like a person and not a piece of meat, why are you ladies so afraid of one whom respects? Isn't it what you wanted? This is no lie. I've had ladies break dating off with me by saying, "Things are moving too fast. Then I'm like, "Wow, I've been dating you now for a month or so and we've not even kissed?" Was it really maybe because I wasn't moving fast enough? She will say, "I'm not looking for sex," but then when the sex isn't there, she decides things are going too fast? Or is it just another mind game you ladies play? When I start speaking with a woman, I treat her as a person. I also let her know up front that I do not want sex or any one-night stands. First and foremost, I have to know you'll be a friend. I mean hey, how can we be lovers if we can't be friends? So, yes, within two months there's still no kissing and no sex. What would other ladies think of a man who is like that? Would you fear him or adore him? With that said, the latest lady whom I'm getting to know is now nearing three months, and we have not kissed or had sex. In the early stages, she and I both were looking for long-term relationships. I'm for all of that and then some. I voiced up a few weeks ago that I'm ready and willing to take the relationship to next level. I was more or less saying I was ready to make a commitment to her. Now, weeks later, she hasn't responded on whether or not she likes the idea of us. Thus, I'm left in the cold and dark. So, should I give this hope up and move on? Or should I wait until she gives some sort of answer? It does leave me with this empty feeling and wondering if there is even a relationship here.

— Micky, 33

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