Flirtatious Hints

I've been with my wife for going on eleven years and have loved being around her mom the whole time. She is a Puritan, fifty-two-year-old knock out. She has been giving me flirtatious hints for years. We lived with her for about three years, and she would walk around in the skimpiest shorts I've ever seen. I used to snoop around in her room, and once I found some old pictures that some gay man took of her. It had nice chest shots but nothing hardcore. I used to get a pair of her dirty panties when everyone was asleep. I'd smell them, look at her pictures, and masturbate like crazy. One time, I was giving her change for a twenty, and she told me to stick it in her bra. I wonder if she knew what she was doing. To this day, while I'm having sex with my wife, I imagine I'm doing her mom.

— Gregg, 33

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