Satin Neckties

I just love satin neckties; I think they look so sexy. I wear them all the time! They look even better with a satin shirt. I've always wanted to touch another guys satin tie, so one day I saw this hot looking guy at a bar. I went up to him and said, "Can I touch your tie to see what it feels like?" He said, "Well, this is different, but sure." He had it tied in a real nice knot; real sexy. I stood there for a minute touching and feeling it. Then he reached out, and started feeling mine! He said to me, "Do you want trade ties?" I said, "Sure!" By now, a dozen people had gathered around to watch us. So we took off our ties; mine a shiny blue one, his a shiny silver one; and we switched. I retied his for him, and he did likewise for me. We made sure they had a real neat knots. By now, I was really excited, so I thought what the heck, grabbed him, and kissed him right there. We stood there for about two minutes making out. Everybody in the bar was clapping. We then found a table to go sit down at and had a few beers. As we were sitting at the table, we finally got into each other. Nobody could really see us, but they knew what we were doing. It sure was a turn on doing all this right in the bar!

— Marty, 52

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