Wife Cheated

A year after we were married, I decided to change occupations and went back to university. For the eight months I was in school, my wife was going to live with her unmarried sister. I would be coming home on weekends and staying away during the week. A few months went by, then one Saturday night there was a call. The guy said he was at the club and was wondering where she was. I realized he thought I was her sister's boyfriend, so I asked if this was a date. He said yeah, they had been dating for two weeks now. She said she had no idea who he was or how he got her number. Twenty years later, she finally came clean about the affair. She said she had been living with the guilt ever since and kept thinking I would find out and leave her. I figure it's a little too far in the past for me to worry about it, but I wonder what she's done since.

— Gary, 48

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