Confessing Cross-Dressing

I told my wife I loved being a woman before we married. I spent the majority of our first two years of marriage as Fiona. I told my wife I wanted to have sex as a woman, with a man; she surprised me by agreeing with me. She took care of everything, she took me to her salon, had my ears pierced, eyebrows waxed thin, took me shopping for new outfits, had my nails done, and even had my hair cut and styled into a feminine look. I was stuck looking completely like a woman, but I loved it. She even started giving me hormones. Then one day, she came home with a male coworker she said wanted to meet me. We hit it off and in no time, we were kissing each other. My wife videotaped the whole thing. We then went to the bedroom where he had sex with me. Midway through, the door opened and my wife and a bunch of her friends were standing there. When we finished, we got dressed and went in the living room where my wife and her friends were. Her friends started taking pictures of me holding my boyfriend's hand. When I walked my boyfriend to his car, they locked me out of the house. My wife started throwing all my things out of the window telling me she was divorcing me for wanting to be a woman. She even had her parents show up to see me dressed as Fiona, then showed them her video of me and my boyfriend. I am really glad this happened because I really do want to be a woman and be with men.

— Max, 52

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