Best Friend's Girlfriend

I had just moved to the States and was staying with my best friend and his baby's mother. The first night I arrived, she was the one that picked me up at the airport. She was very sexy in those tight jeans. I glared at her, and I think she did the same to me. I asked for Steven and she said he couldn't make it. On our way home, we started having small talk and we complimented each other. It happened so suddenly. She gently placed her hands on my thighs and slowly massaged her way up. She suddenly pulled over and told me she had always admired me from the pictures that Steven had. She proceeded to have wild and dirty sex with me in the jeep. When we got home, Steven still wasn't at home and their child was asleep. So, again, she went down on me and we had sex. It seemed as if each time he went out for the next couple of weeks, she would demand sex from me. Even when I was asleep in the next room, I would awake with her on top of me. They split apart, and she is with some other guy. I confessed everything to Steven. We still are the best of friends, and I am still tapping that booty.

— Pedro, 25

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