Sexually Open

I grew up in a very sexually open household. My father groped my mother in any environment he desired, and she never objected. She, on the other hand, was a first-class tease. She came to breakfast in a short silk robe that never stayed closed or tied. After she would dress for work in the morning, she would undoubtedly leave various articles of clothing on her bed or vanity. Naturally, I came to not only pleasuring myself in her sexy lingerie and clothing, but soon I became obsessed with dressing in them as well. I'm sure she knew and eventually started leaving other articles out for me to try such as stockings, garter, bras, and especially her famous collection of shoes, which I wore proudly after school each day. She did come home once and found me parading around in her pencil skirt, satin blouse, stockings, and heels. Acting totally unsurprised, she matter-of-factly just said, "Sweetheart, make sure you put those things back in my closet and drawers when you're finished." Thus, began my life of crossdressing and my search for a soul-mate who would accept me and be understanding of my strong sexual desires and desire to share fetishes.

— Michael, 32

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