Lingerie Obsession

Dry cleaning and laundry is my business, and it is well accepted by clients. Everything seemed to be business as usual, until one day an attractive girl walked in to drop her load off and she was making sure to have me wash her undies by hand. She pulled out her undies and showed them to me, along with her instructions. I was having a hard time concentrating ... watching her ultimate undies and imagining when she had them on. I could smell the perfume left on them and her worn undies were so clean. When she left, I closed the front door with the sign, "Out to lunch," and went straight to my relaxing room. She started a new feeling for me, to experience the new thing in my sexual life. Now, she is my regular client, and the best of this is she was in here fifteen minutes ago. She peeled her panties off and said that this was her last pair and she needed to have them all cleaned. You should know what happened after she left?

— Dennis, 48

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