Pantyhose Briefs

My wife made me a pair of briefs from a pair of control top support pantyhose. She cut off both legs and then cut an opening just above the gusset in front. She then cut out a section of one toe area and sewed it to the opening. This was now a pouch for holding my stuff. I put them on and it seemed like a matter of seconds before I started to achieve an extremely heightened state of excitement. I was now pushing the outer envelope and it showed. My wife's mother was there while this was taking place and she was giving me a thumbs up the entire time. She knew I was very well endowed, but with these modified briefs it just made things look bigger and better. Both ladies were totally excited seeing me in these briefs. My mother-in-law is making me another pair and also a jock strap. I can't wait.

— Cliff, 28

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