Podiatrist Surprise

I recently went to see my podiatrist for an infected foot. After she took care of it, she had a nurse come in to bandage my foot. I was wearing a pair of thin black nylon gym shorts. I wasn't wearing any underwear and the shorts were unlined, an ideal opportunity to expose myself to the nurse. I stood up and shifted my entire package to one side and when I sat back down, I discreetly pulled the leg up slightly so as to reveal a small portion of my privates. She did not notice right away, but when she looked up, she happened to notice "Big Boy" sticking out of the shorts. She surprised me next by reaching up and pushing my junk back inside the shorts. She smiled and told me how impressed she was, but she's working and couldn't get distracted. She said maybe some other time, or another place. So much for that.

— Lou, 28

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