Weekend Experience

When I was younger, I would wait until everyone went to bed, and then I would get dressed as a girl, put on my makeup, do my hair, and go out for a walk. One day, my parents told me they were going away for the weekend, and that I would be home alone. This was music to my ears; I was going to have a whole weekend to be a girl. Friday evening around 6:00 p.m., my parents left. I ran upstairs and began setting my hair. After I finished my hair, I got mom's dark red nail polish and polished my finger and toe nails with three coats of polish. When the polish was dry, I put on my red panty and bra set along with my suntan pantyhose. I then went to my sister's closet and got her long sleeve grey turtle neck sweater and her black mini jumper and put them on. Once I was dressed, I went to mom's room and sat at her vanity and did my makeup. I used my own eye liner, mascara, lipstick, and gloss because they were water proof and long lasting. When I was satisfied with my look, I removed my curlers then brushed out my hair. Once I got it to where I wanted, I sprayed it heavily with extra hold hair spray. I went back to my sister's room and got her black, open toed heels with the ankle strap and put them on. Back to mom's room where I got her button clip on earrings and a black purse with shoulder strap. I finished up with a few squirts of perfume. I went downstairs and sat on the sofa while I planned what I was going to do that night. I looked at the clock, 8:45. I had enough time to walk to the mall and it would still be open; I could go try on dresses and shoes. That's what I decided to do. I got up and got my sister's fake fur coat and put it on, grabbed my purse, and put my makeup and keys in it, then slid the strap up on my shoulder and headed for the door. It took me a few minutes to get my courage up to walk outside. I finally pulled open the door and out I went. I always get nervous when first leaving the house; there were a lot of neighbors that knew us. I got to the corner and turned; I instantly felt relieved. Now I could enjoy being outside as a woman, wondering what the guys in the cars that were passing me were thinking about my legs. As I walked, I saw there were two girls just standing on the next corner; I was hoping they wouldn't say anything to me as I passed. When I got within five feet of them, the one girl told the other, "Look at this slut, who she supposed to be?" I was now even with them and one of them said, "Where you going?" I kept walking until one of them grabbed the neck of my coat and yanked me back, "We are talking to you, where are you going?" In my best female voice, I said, "To the mall," and they both started laughing hard. Just then, one said, "I thought so, we got us a sissy boy." They both looked at my face very closely, then said, "Not a bad makeup job, but we can help you with that," and I was then being dragged down the street. They took me to a house that was close to the corner. In the house they made me sit in a chair, and then the bigger girl came over and started plucking my eyebrows. When she was done, she got a needle and pierced both my ears. She put big silver hoop earrings into the holes and said I could keep the earrings. The other girl was on the phone; when she hung up, we all went back outside. They pushed me into a car and asked where I lived at, I told them and we headed there. In front of the house, they told me I owed them for the ride. That's when I learned how to pleasure another person. I opened the door and started walking to the door of my house; I didn't even look to see if any of the neighbors came out, I just went inside and started to think about what I was going to tell mom about why my eyebrows were plucked so thin.

— Adam, 28

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