Weekly Beauty Parlor Visit

I love curlers. For the past fourteen years, I've been going weekly to my local beauty parlor for a wash and set (in magnetic rollers) and it's been wonderful. Long gone are the days when I used to have to set my own hair in those bulky and hard C-clamp curlers in my home bathroom; it's a lot of work. When I first went to my first regular beauty parlor (for 9 2/3 years), I was welcomed with open arms and the women were all ready to serve me. I would get washed, fully set (in the small rollers), and sit under the dryer for forty-five minutes having wonderful conversation with the women there. I would then get picked out, sprayed, pay, and go. The wonderful hairdo would be admired by everyone who thought that it was a perm! It's just such a relaxing feeling to be accepted in the beauty parlor crowd. As a straight male, I now enjoy the full pleasure of having my shoulder-length hair done weekly just like all of the women, and my 1" hoop earrings that I wear every day match my hairdo perfectly. Now, in my second regular beauty parlor (of 3 1/2 years), I just simply go in like all of the women there, get washed, fully set (in 10 minutes flat), sit under the dryer doing puzzles from my book, and I can even walk around the shop, get shaped and styled, and be myself without the hard work of having to do my own hair. I really to feel for the women who have to set their own hair every week; it's a lot of work!

— Nelson, 50

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