The Rest is History

I live in a small house in a rather exclusive neighborhood in Florida. My next door neighbors are two sisters in their mid-forties, and extremely attractive. The other day, I was invited over for a dip in their pool and some lunch. I decided to wear my sheer yellow nylon bikini which shows off my assets rather well. The ladies had on matching bikinis that left nothing to the imagination. They looked delicious. When I got out of the pool, they started to tease me about my large package and told me they had no idea I was that well-endowed. I was in an extreme state of excitement and it showed. I was very proud of my physique and the size of my package. They could not stop staring at me and at that point, it was decided that the three of us would remove our suits and adjourn to their bedroom. The rest is history.

— Owen, 39

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