Photo Shoot

My wife recently went for a pamper day; it was a place where they did her hair and make-up, and then send you upstairs for a photo shoot. She told me that it was all very respectable, but would not show me the pictures saying that they were not very good. Later, I found them. The guy had talked her into doing some lingerie and near nude shots; she was in a tiny thong showing her gorgeous butt and breasts. I get so excited to think of her standing there like this while the guy had his eye full of her. Sometime later, after a meal, she was a little drunk and she told me that the guy was excited. She had invited him to take his jeans off; he then worked with his bottom half naked. There were shots of her in other pretty panties that she must have been slipping into while he watched. She tells me nothing happened, but I can't be sure. Her body is fabulous and I donk think he would not have wanted some of it.

— Kevin, 35

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