Wife and Friend

My friend's wife died last year and he told me he hadn't had sex since. I know my wife really liked him, and I asked if she would have sex with him. His birthday was coming up and I said what a great present it would be; she wasn't happy about that. I invited him around for dinner on his birthday; we all had several drinks and were laughing and relaxed. I took my wife out of the room and suggested it again; she just looked at me and smiled. She went back in and I watched through the door. She went over and kissed him. "Happy birthday," she said and dropped her dress. She looked over towards me, I smiled and nodded, and she smiled back. They had great sex while I watched, then went to the spare room and had some more. After, she was so excited we had fantastic sex while my friend slept in the spare room. She said she really enjoyed helping him and has asked if we can do it again, perhaps as a threesome. She has even suggested she brings a girl friend from work for a foursome.

— Tim, 31

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