Wife Lost Control

My wife loves to dance and it gets her into the mood. However, I am a poor dancer. We therefore made an agreement whereas she can dance with whomever she likes and I get to cut in. This went well several times. As other guys do all the work and I get the benefit later on. However, each time we do this, she gets bolder and more intimate with her dance partners. I ignored this because I was getting wilder sex afterward. For her birthday, I bought her a pair of super sexy laced white high heels. She picked out a matching low cut white mini dress and then spend hours on makeup, shave, and waxing. She looked amazing and super sexy. As we entered the club, she whispered to me that she is not wearing any panties and asked me not to cut in on her birthday. She ended up dancing with a well-built young light skinned black guy. They danced closer and closer, soon they were bumping and grinding against each other. He wrapped one hand around her waist pulling her into him. Normally I would have cut in ten minutes ago, but I was waiting for her to stop by herself. They kept dancing and feeling each other out while slowly moving away to a dark area on the edge of the dance floor. Then I caught her eyes and the look of absolute pleasure in her face and realized that they were having sex! She just totally ignored me as she fell into her pleasure. I was so turned on watching her and did not try to stop them. But she was not done. That table was not hiding anything. The guy's friend came over and started on her too. Later, she told me she doesn't know why she did it, but she was not sorry. I told her I was sorry that I did not recorded it. We plan to do it again, but in a faraway place so that we do not get recognized.

— Greg, 37

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