Cartoon Character

My wife and I have been married now for about eight years. When we first met, her bra size was a rather attractive 34 with a B cup. Now, her bra size is still 34, but her cup size has swelled to a staggering DD cup and it seems she is moving to the next level. Her doctor said she has a rather rare condition that causes her breasts to grow uncontrollably. The doctor said that surgical breast reduction is the only thing that will keep her growing breasts in check, and that it needs to be performed every five or six years. One thing though is that she likes her large breasts ... a lot. Unfortunately, she looks like a cartoon character. Her breasts are so out of proportion to the rest of her body that she looks ridiculously malformed. I have told her I want a divorce. I do not want to be seen with her anymore because she looks awful. When she walks, her breasts bounce so much that it's laughable, and when she wears high heels, well you cannot imagine how ridiculous she looks. I have moved out and am seeking legal action to start the divorce proceedings. When she was a C cup she looked awesome.

— Jerry, 28

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