My Turn

I was at my best friend's house the other night for dinner. He has a really hot wife who I fantasize often about. I brought my girlfriend with me and she was jealous of the attention I paid to my buddies wife (she does make me drool). Later on in the evening, he was getting something out of the cabinet and I noticed in the back of his jeans he was wearing what seemed to be girl's underwear. They were glossy and pink; they looked like flowers. I was thinking, "What the hell, is he wearing panties?" When he noticed I was behind him, he quickly stood up and adjusted his shirt. It confirmed it for me. I kept wondering why he would wear panties. He can't be gay; I mean, he has a wife that is a 15 on a 10 scale. I wanted to ask him, but I did not want to embarrass him. Later on in the evening, I had to use the bathroom. There was no toilet paper, so I opened the cabinet under the sink to try to find some. Instead, I came across a long wooden paddle. It had a handle like a ping pong paddle, but it was long and narrow. I examined it; one side was smooth and said "Sissy Paddle" on it, the other side was textured and said "Bitch" on it. The thoughts began to run through my head. Who was getting hit with it? Did he use it on her, or did she spank him with it? Did she spank him because he wears panties, or did she make him wear the panties? I pictured him over her like a child getting a spanking. I gave it a lot of thought. I was kind of out of it for the evening thinking about this all. On the way home, my girl asked me what was wrong. I told her about seeing the panties on him and the paddle. She began laughing and asked if it turned me on. She said, "I had no idea you never knew. She has been making him wear panties for years now and spanks him all the time." She said she told her a year ago that it started because he was flirting with some girl at work. When we got home, she asked if I wanted to see what it was like. I tried to deny it and say no, but really, I wanted to know. I pretended not to be interested, but I was. She pushed the issue and handed me some panties. They were way too small and would not fit. She went back in the bedroom and came out with a pair of pink satin sleep shorts. I stepped into them and she teased and touched me. It felt good. She then began smacking my rear with her hand at first, and then a wooden brush. Afterwards, she just said, "I guess we should buy you some panties too then?" I tried to deny how fun it was, but I really did enjoy giving the control to her for a little bit. We are going to go shopping on Saturday. I can only imagine how hot his wife looks with that paddle in her hands.

— Dan, 26

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