Never Too Old

This is to all you people out there who think you can become too old for sex. Well, when I was fifty-eight years old and thought myself over this hill, I met this woman who was five years older than I was. She was selling life insurance, and we went to lunch several times. I noticed that she looked at me with what I could see were longing eyes. So, one day, I asked her if her husband and she were getting along well. She said no, that they now had separate bedrooms and had not slept together in over ten years. I said, "How do you get along without sex?" She said she had wet dreams about once a week and wakes up and has to finish herself. I invited her to go the local hot baths with me one day, and she went. We had sex in the hot tub, and she confessed that she needed it on a regular basis. So, that was ten years ago, and we still get together once a week either in my car or at houses that I own that are empty. She has incredible climaxes. She is now seventy-three and is as hot as ever. Her husband died a year ago, and she said she does not miss him. If we do not get together once a week, I call and we have phone sex. Yes, she even screams over the phone. She is one hot lady that age has not diminished. I am now sixty-eight, and she turns me on big time.

— Lawrence, 68

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