TSA Inspector

I recently took a flight out of a small airport in Iowa. I had purchased some stockings, brassieres, panties, and high heels while I was there. These items were for me; I like to dress up when I am pleasuring myself. When I went through the pre-flight inspection, I had a female inspector go through my carry-on luggage. She noticed the high heels and the other assorted goodies I had purchased. She looked at me and smiled as she was handling my things. She then quietly asked if I had bought the right size heels. I told her that I had tried them on before I bought them and they fit fine. I said the panties and stockings should fit perfectly. We exchanged some other small talk and she said it's a shame that we had not run into each other while I was there because she would have liked to see me with all these things in place. I smiled and said maybe next time.

— Dave, 27

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