Never Did That Before

I just bought several nylon jock straps from a vendor in the far east. They were very reasonably priced and they fit extremely well. I like to wear them around the house as sort of lounge wear. The other day, I was sunning myself outside by my pool when my neighbor lady stopped by to chat. I stood up to greet her and she immediately focused on my red nylon jock strap. She smiled and told me how good I look in it. I have a rather impressive physique and it felt awesome. I asked her if she wanted a beer and she said yes. I then went in to get two beers, but I removed the jock strap before I went outside. I felt so sexy that I couldn't stand it. I gave her the beer and she reached out and gave me some fabulous oral. We then adjourned to my bedroom for about two hours. I was surprised that I was able to do a three peat. Never did that before. It was awesome.

— Leon, 26

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