In-House Crossdresser

I started putting bras on when I was younger because I have "male breasts." My mom's was my first and I was hooked. I had a strapless and put it on almost daily before going to school. It didn't stop when I went in the military or after getting married. I started putting her panties on and loved the feel of them. She caught me and we are now divorced. Since I now live alone, I can wear anything I want to; babydolls, teddies, nylons, sheer or fishnets, with my bras and panties. I use falsies and foam pads to fill out my 38-C bra cups. I love to admire myself, in mirrors, and fondle my "breasts." I'd love to dress up and go outside at night but I'm worried about being seen by neighbors. My ex-Asian wife, and our children, have no idea what I do. I have taken digital photos wearing bras but hidden them. I'd love to have a friend come over, get all dressed up, let him take full length photos. As a reward, I would give him oral. I've always wanted to do that to just to know what it feels like since my Asian wife was so good at it. I'll end here so I can go get dressed up in some of my sexy collection, admire myself, and think about giving oral to a guy.

— Christopher, 68

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