A Matter Of Intimacy

My wife is a wonderful woman. She is very attractive, intelligent and sweet. She also has a younger sister, Mandy, who is even more attractive and intelligent. My wife is a great mother and wife. She does so much, and I love her very much. The only difficulty is that because she was abused for many years as a child, she has real problems with intimacy. We have discussed how to deal with this problem many times and always found ourselves frustrated and hurt. Then, my wife became very ill a few years ago, and her sister came to help take care of her and to be with her. While she was here, she began to joke with me about being attracted to me and flirting. I never thought she was serious. As time went on, I found myself becoming very attracted to her. On several occasions when I found myself alone with her, I felt so tempted by her beauty and sensuality that I had to remove myself from her. Then I began to wonder if her flirting was not serious after all. After a month, I was relieved when my wife improved, and her sister left for her home out of state. My wife then commented on how she had sensed so much tension in me while Mandy was there. She told me that she knew how attracted I was to her and was so proud of me for resisting temptation. Then she suggested that perhaps Mandy was the answer for our intimacy problems. I was shocked and insisted that it was out of the question. Several other times, my wife raised the idea again, but I again refused. A year later, Mandy again came to visit my wife, and things seemed to be going so well. Two nights into her stay, my wife came to bed late and suddenly began to be intimate. I was thrilled as it is rare that she is able to do this. But when she whispered in my ear, I realized it was Mandy instead. That night, my willpower failed, and we had a wonderful, passionate experience. The next day, my wife assured me it was her idea. Because Mandy had always been attracted to me, she decided it would be best if Mandy moved in. Now, two years later, Mandy is still here and we have a wonderful time together. I love both of them with all my heart.

— Mel, 38

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