Skating Dress

I love dressing up in bikini panties, a pair of support tights, and then slip into a pretty skating dress. I get so pumped up, I sometimes lose my breath as I leave the house to roller blade. I love the looks, dropped jaws, and popping eyes I get from the girls and women that can't help but stare at me. Guys generally don't say much to me other than the occasional, "Did you lose a bet?" It's the most incredible and thrilling experience. Over the years, I've probably bought fifty different skating dresses in every color and combination that made my heart pound; a ton of various colors of support tights but mostly suntan, toast, black, and ballet pink. I never wear a wig or make-up. I just love the exotic and erotic sensations I get from the wind rushing against the fabric and the way the little skirt feels as it rustles about my thighs and hips, etc. It's like electricity. I literally get weak in the knees.

— Steven, 26

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