Panties in the Locker Room

I love to wear girls and women's panties; I've been doing it for over twenty years. I love women's bra and panty sets. I wear panties when I go to the pool and I wear panties in the pool. I wear pink lace panties and I strip down until they're all I have on in the men's changing room. I've gotten a few double takes, but no one has said anything. I then slip on a pair of plain black nylon panties to wear in the pool as my swimwear. I love walking around in front of everyone in nothing but women's panties. Again, some strange looks, but no one has said anything. I also love wearing bikinis. I love buying them in bikini shops and making sure the sales girls know it's for me. I've tried bikinis on in the men's changing room at the pool, but I haven't worn one to the pool yet. I have worn pink bikini bottoms to swim in, though.

— Brandon, 34

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