Caught in Panties

I thought my wife was in the shower the other morning, so I put on a pair of pink panties with lace on the sides. I was in the other bathroom shaving when she walked in and looked straight down at the panties. She didn't say anything until much later, when she asked about them. I told her I like to look at myself in the mirror wearing panties while I shave, etc. Later she came in from shopping with a dozen pairs of panties in a variety of styles and colors and said I must wear them all the time, and if caught in them by anyone else, I must tell them that she makes me wear them all the time. Yesterday, I was caught with them on while at physical therapy. I didn't say anything, but could see that the therapist was slightly confused. I have to go back there for about a dozen more appointments and tremble at what may happen next, as she is sure to catch me again in panties. None of the panties can be mistaken for any kind of male underwear as the colors and materials are all quite feminine.

— Craig, 53

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